Michael J. Worth & Associates
  Michael J. Worth & Associates
Our services include:

>> Program Reviews and Studies

>> Campaign Planning and Counsel

>> Planning and Design of Fundraising Programs

>> Board Development

>> Training/Coaching

>> Planned Giving

The board plays a critical role in fundraising and in all aspects of organizational development. Michael J. Worth has more than thirty years of experience in working with boards in educational institutions and nonprofit organizations. He also has written and spoken widely on the subjects of board development and the board's role in fundraising. His work encompasses governing boards, boards of foundations in public institutions, and advisory councils.

Michael J. Worth & Associates can provide organizations and institutions with services including:
  • Establishing a plan for board development

  • Conducting board self-studies and assessments

  • Planning and facilitating board meetings and retreats

  • Reviewing board structures, policies, and documents

  • Creating and managing advisory councils