Michael J. Worth & Associates
  Michael J. Worth & Associates
Our services include:

>> Program Reviews and Studies

>> Campaign Planning and Counsel

>> Planning and Design of Fundraising Programs

>> Board Development

>> Training/Coaching

>> Planned Giving

A campaign is the most ambitious and intensive fundraising effort an organization or institution will undertake. A successful campaign is transformative, raising the annual, capital, and endowment support necessary to achieve your strategic goals and move your organization to the next level in performance and impact. And, today's campaigns are more than just fundraising efforts; they are also vehicles for communicating the organization's plans and goals and strengthening its brand and image.

Campaign success requires careful planning and flawless execution, following time-tested principles and methods, but with the flexibility to adapt and respond to each organization's unique situation.

As campaign counsel, Michael J. Worth & Associates works closely with the institution's leadership and staff to assure that each stage of the campaign unfolds according to plan and maximizes philanthropic results. We take a comprehensive approach that also contributes to gaining the wider benefits of a successful campaign, including increased visibility and a new foundation for ongoing fundraising in the future.

We provide full service to organizations and institutions in preparing for and executing successful campaigns. This may include pre-campaign assistance in strategic planning, determining campaign readiness, and identifying campaign priorities and objectives. It also may include conducting a Development Program Review, and a Feasibility Study. Experience suggests that the earlier counsel is involved in the campaign process, the more likely that the campaign will be planned on a foundation that leads to success.

Our services may also include continuing guidance throughout the campaign. In this role, we meet regularly with campaign leadership and development staff, participating as members of the campaign team. In addition to other benefits, such ongoing support provides:
  • Professional expertise, informed by experience in campaigns at other organizations in various circumstances

  • Discipline in adhering to established principles and the phases of a successful campaign

  • An objective perspective and voice on critical issues of strategy and timing

  • Support in the development of campaign plans, budgets, materials, and volunteer organization
In most successful campaigns, the organization's volunteer leaders, CEO, development staff, and campaign counsel work as an effective team, each playing a critical role in the campaign fundraising process. Having such a team in place maximizes the chances for a significant campaign victory that represents a major step forward for the organization or institution.

“At the most basic level, a campaign changes the conversation. Rather than ‘We would like to come and talk with you about a gift,’ the campaign discussion begins with ‘We would like to come and talk with you about the future.’ The campaign provides the rationale and the framework for conversations that may produce resources now as well as raise awareness and deepen understanding and relationships of long-term importance.”

- Michael J. Worth in Leading the Campaign, 2nd edition, Rowman & Littlefield, 2017