Michael J. Worth & Associates
  Michael J. Worth & Associates
Our services include:

>> Program Reviews and Studies

>> Campaign Planning and Counsel

>> Planning and Design of Fundraising Programs

>> Board Development

>> Training/Coaching

>> Planned Giving

Planned giving, including gifts made through such vehicles as bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, and other financial instruments, is one of the most rapidly growing areas of philanthropy. Planned giving is expected to grow substantially as the population ages.

Planned giving should be a part of a comprehensive fundraising program for all nonprofit organizations, even small ones. For major institutions, planned giving is likely to continue growing in its importance as a source of substantial gifts to endowment and other purposes.

Michael J. Worth & Associates assists organizations and institutions with comprehensive services in building effective planned giving programs.

We provide up-front analysis and planning to help create or enhance your program for a reasonable fixed fee. This package of services includes the following:

  • A review and analysis of your organization’s current planned giving efforts or readiness to initiate a planned giving program

  • Analysis of the planned giving potential of your constituency, identifying groups of individuals most likely to consider planned gifts

  • A comprehensive plan for the promotion of planned gifts and stewardship of donors, including a timeline for implementation

  • Specimen administrative and legal documents, including bequest wording, gift acceptance policies, gift agreements, memoranda of understanding, charitable remainder trust agreements, annual donor reports, and others – as appropriate to the plan developed

  • Referral to and coordination with a national marketing partners for development of a planned giving website, online marketing, and more – if appropriate to the plan for your organization

  • Training session to educate your staff, executives, and volunteers leaders on the basics of planned giving

For additional fees, we also can provide ongoing support to your planned giving program, including:

  • Availability by phone or e-mail to answer questions about planned giving or specific donor strategies

  • Review of planned gift proposals and marketing materials, with comments and recommendations provided to the your staff via telephone or email

  • Additional on-site consultation and training