Michael J. Worth & Associates
  Michael J. Worth & Associates
Our services include:

>> Program Reviews and Studies

>> Campaign Planning and Counsel

>> Planning and Design of Fundraising Programs

>> Board Development

>> Training/Coaching

>> Planned Giving

Successful fundraising is not random or sporadic. Whether engaged in a campaign or conducting an ongoing, continuous fundraising program, every organization needs a multi-year plan that specifies priorities, sets goals, and identifies performance and activity metrics.

Michael J. Worth & Associates can develop a roadmap for your fundraising success, drawing on our experience and benchmarks derived from other clients and our research. We use quantitative analysis to identify goals and metrics to manage programs for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

We can help address weaknesses and build capacity in the following areas:

Annual Giving Programs

Annual giving is the foundation of successful fundraising programs. It raises resources to meet current needs, helps build a base of regular donors who may become prospects for major gifts, and provides a vehicle for continuous communication with the organization's constituency related to its aspirations and needs.

Michael J. Worth & Associates can help strengthen your annual giving program by:
  • Conducting a review of your annual giving plans and thoroughly analyzing past results, to identify points of strength and weakness

  • Developing a multi-year plan for the annual giving program, including personal solicitation, mail, Internet, and social media

  • Identifying vendors for services, evaluating proposals, and controlling costs
Principal and Major Gift Programs

It is a well-established fact that 90-95% of an organization's philanthropic revenue will come from a relatively small percentage of gifts— those identified as principal or major gifts.

The management of principal and major gift programs has become sophisticated, involving skilled prospect research, effective analytics for rating prospects and tracking cultivation initiatives, well-organized stewardship activities, highly-trained gift officers, and ongoing evaluation of performance.

Michael J. Worth & Associates assists organizations and institutions in building sound principal and major gift programs by:
  • Building a case for support

  • Developing systems for prospect identification and management

  • Identifying strategies for prospect cultivation and solicitation

  • Establishing appropriate performance metrics and systems for tracking activity

  • Creating programs for recognition and stewardship of principal and major donors
Endowment Development

Endowment funds are permanently invested and only the investment returns generated each year are expended to support current needs. For organizations that have achieved financial stability, building or enhancing endowment may be the appropriate strategy for securing the future, assuring the independence to undertake new initiatives, and establishing a predictable source of income to support core programs through economic cycles and shifting funder interests.

Michael J. Worth & Associates helps organizations and institutions develop comprehensive endowment programs by:
  • Developing your case for endowment support, creating endowment gift policies, and drafting the basic documents necessary to negotiate and accept endowment gifts

  • Designing communication plans to explain and promote endowment giving to your constituency

  • Identifying prospective endowment donors and strengthening major and planned gift programs focused on endowment priorities
Stewardship and Communications

Your past donors are your best prospects for future gifts. This reality has driven the expansion of programs to recognize donors, provide ongoing stewardship of gifts and relationships, and develop communication strategies specifically to support fundraising programs.

Michael J. Worth & Associates and its strategic partners can assist organizations in this area by:
  • Creating donor recognition programs, including gift clubs, naming gift opportunities, and other tools

  • Planning donor-recognition and stewardship activities and initiatives

  • Developing strategies and plans for communication with donors and other constituents, including marketing studies, communication plans, and publication audits

  • Writing of brochures and other communications materials
Corporations and Foundations

Corporations support nonprofit organizations and educational institutions through philanthropy and a variety of partnership arrangements.

Foundations are also an important source of resources for many institutions, particularly for support of programs and projects.

Michael J. Worth & Associates and its strategic partners have decades of experience in working with corporate and foundation donors and assist organizations and institutions by:

  • Identifying corporate and foundation prospects for particular programs, projects, and needs

  • Conducting research to uncover current giving programs and interests relevant to your organization's activities and capabilities

  • Advising on programs and activities to build and maintain ongoing relationships with corporate and foundation partners